Together for success through quality.

Jonathan Sternberg, Gründer von Sternberg Consulting

Hello, my name is Jonathan Sternberg and I am the founder of Sternberg Consulting. Under the motto “Shared success through quality”, we rely on close cooperation, commitment and a deep understanding of our customers’ needs and wishes.

The founding of Sternberg Consulting was a direct result of my passion for excellent service – for a service that makes every person feel valued and understood. I would like to bring this philosophy into the world of quality management. My experience is diverse and ranges from the automotive and semiconductor sectors to the optical industry. I am particularly keen not just to impress with technical jargon, but to promote genuine, meaningful collaboration. My aim is to understand your company from the inside out and make it a shining example in its industry.

Practical solutions are a priority for me. I strive to take an in-depth look at your specific challenges and develop a customized approach. Although I am certified as an internal auditor and quality management representative, I draw my real motivation from the successes we can achieve together. This path is only possible thanks to the outstanding team behind me – they are not only the pillar of our success, but also the core of our quest for excellence.

We are here to support your business

At Sternberg Consulting, we strive for more than just ticking off criteria or obtaining certification. Our aim is to create sustainable value that lasts and improves your company in the long term – not just in theory, but with measurable results in the real working world. We are ready to roll up our sleeves and face the challenges together with you. Your goals become our goals. I deeply appreciate your trust in us and am determined to accompany you on the path to top quality. Through our commitment and joint efforts, we are convinced that we can achieve significant success together.